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Technology at the service of Agriculture

DoliFARM is a package of technologies and services that allow you to manage your Farm.

DoliFARM includes:

  • Farm logbook managing all necessary documentation according to EU Regulation 848/2018
  • Traceability system to provide transparency and visibility of the entire production process of your products
  • Logistic to efficiently manage orders and customised prices list for each customer

Furthermore, DoliFARM is based on the open source ERP/CRM system Dolibarr which allows you:

  • Managing customers and suppliers
  • Products and stocks management
  • Invoice and shipment management
  • Manage your online shop

and much more. For more information visit the official web site Dolibarr.

A modular system

The system is designed in modules, in order to easily adapt to the needs of the Farm deciding the most appropriate investment.

Choose the service that best suits your needs.

Why choose DoliFARM

  • It is developed and supported by technicians who have direct experience in managing a certified organic farm.
  • It is a system that can be easily adapted to the needs of the Farm while controlling costs transparently
  • It is based on Dolibarr, an open source technology established over more than twenty years and supported by a large community