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This is the module of the suite that implements the traceability system. It can be confi rmed to keep track of a single company or a group of companies that are part of a cooperative, for example.

doliTrace makes it possible to keep track of all agronomic operations. Through a traceability code generated for a harvest lot, the system is able to provide the consumer/customer with all the information related to that lot.

Module version: 3.0
Publisher/Licence: Luigi GRILLO – / GPL-v3 –
User interface language: English, Italian, French
Prerequisites: Dolibarr min version: 11.0.0 Dolibarr max version: 18.0.0

Install : Dolibarr installation is required ( Go into menu Home – Setup – Modules – Deploy an external module and submit the zip file, than activate the module DoliFARM.

Importing price lists from an Excel sheetYes
Harvest traceabilityYes
Cost traceabilityYes
Traceability of treatmentsNo
Generation of organic certification documentsNo
Support and trainingNo


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